RFID Insider Podcast 2: RFID Printers and Custom Printing & Encoding

This week on RFID Insider: RFID Printers and Custom Printing & Encoding

This week on RFID Insider, Russell Hilyer and Kishan Patel – both Printing and Encoding Specialists at atlasRFIDstore.com, join us to talk about RFID Printers in segment one and Printing and Encoding Custom Tags in segment two.

RFID Printers are used to print and encode custom RFID tags and are typically used in applications that require a large volume of RFID tags with specific encoding and/or printing needs. Several types of RFID printers and printer accessories are available, making selecting the right one critical for your application. Russell and Kishan talk to us about how to choose a printer type, what printer accessories are needed, and about an RFID printer’s thermal transfer process. If you have ever had questions about printer calibration or media vs. RFID calibration – don’t miss this segment!

Segment two goes in depth about what can be accomplished with RFID printers, as well as the process of printing and encoding RFID tags. We discuss the latter process from two angles – the steps involved in getting your tags custom printed and encoding through a company, and the steps involved in doing it yourself onsite.


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