Keonn RFID Readers

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Keonn delivers high-quality fixed UHF RFID readers well suited for smart shelves, smart display fixtures, smart surfaces, RFID portals, RFID tunnels, point of sales, and loss prevention systems applications. Manufactured with ThingMagic RFID modules, Keonn's AdvanReader devices offer unique features and functionality ideally suited for the retail sector.

Keonn AdvanReader-60 and AdvanReader-150 UHF RFID Readers have a Linux board computer inside which allows the reader to work autonomously without the need of a computer, thereby reducing equipment costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs. Keonn AdvanReader-10 UHF RFID readers provide a cost-effective solution for adding RFID functionality to Android devices as they can directly connect and communicate with Android devices.