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Gilbert Benton

What's your favorite thing about RFID?

My favorite thing about RFID is how this system has worked for many different applications. I always love learning about the different ways RFID is being used.

Katrina Coleman

What's your favorite thing about RFID?

RFID facilitates enhanced visibility of assets and inventory.

Casey Craig

What's your favorite thing about RFID?

I like getting to see the ends justify the means and the opportunity to be a small part of this process with the customer. From having the initial conversation with a customer saying I think RFID could solve my business problem. Fast forward 6 months where they have the hardware in place and that idea they had is solving their business problem.

Stephen DePue

What's your favorite thing about RFID?

It offers insights for better decision making and it does not require line-of-sight or item-by-item scanning, unlike barcodes. It speeds up and simplifies many processes that involve identifying and tracking objects, such as inventory management, asset tracking, security and access control, contactless payment, etc.

Chris Giraud

What's your favorite thing about RFID?

My favorite thing about RFID is the level of insight and control that it gives you over your inventory as well as the fact that it eliminates the need to take a physical inventory count.

Tyler Lockard

What's your favorite thing about RFID?

I enjoy seeing all the unique applications developed by engineers and different companies.

Jacob Long

What's your favorite thing about RFID?

How it is both so simple and yet so complicated all at the same time.

Daniel McHan

What's your favorite thing about RFID?

I love the versatility of RFID and how it can be applied to so many different business needs.

Jesse Mwakajumba

What's your favorite thing about RFID?

It's a multi-faceted technology that offers endless potential to solve both simple and complex, everyday problems.

Logan Phillips

What's your favorite thing about RFID?

My favorite thing about RFID is that the technology can be used in a variety of industries and that its implementation helps users to take their business to the next level when it comes to visibility, productivity, operations, and management.

Hardware Support

Our hardware support team supports all of our products and can help walk you through any problems you may be having with RFID, Barcode, or IoT technology. To schedule a call, email support@atlasRFIDstore.com and let them know the best time that works for you!

Avancir | Software Platform

The Avancir team is comprised of RFID and software experts that came together to create a ready-to-launch RFID software platform to track assets and processes that are critical to your business. Learn more about Avancir, or schedule a call today!

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