ThingMagic M6e Embedded RFID Reader Module Developer Kit



ThingMagic M6e Embedded RFID Module Developer Kit

The Mercury6e (M6e) embedded UHF RFID reader module developer kit offers world leading performance, form factor, and time-to-market advantages to OEM, Value Added Reseller, and Solution Provider customers. Its reader is designed to the performance standards of full size readers, but is small and efficient enough to be used in mobile applications. The M6e supports 4 ports and will operate to a level of +31.5 dBm. Serial and USB interfaces are provided to support both board-to-board and board-to-host connectivity. This developer kit is the perfect way to make the most of your M6e reader module.

NOTE: This product is a reader module – NOT a finished RFID reader – and is meant for OEM and developers to embed into products or to be used in the creation of a new finished reader. If you are interested in an existing finished reader product, check out our line of finished ThingMagic readers.

Data Sheet  ThingMagic M6e Embedded RFID Module Developer Kit


Module Comparison  ThingMagic M6e Embedded RFID Module Developer Kit


Need help selecting the right reader module ? Check out our reader module guide.

What's included?

  • M6e Embedded RFID Module Unit
  • Test Chassis Unit
  • 6 ft RP-TNC to RP-TNC Antenna Cable
  • USB Cable
  • 9V AC Power Adapter + Plug Adapter Kit (US, UK, EU, AU)
  • Antenna Unit (7.5 in 7 dBiC patch antenna)
  • Packet of Sample Tags
  • Mercury API
  • Full Schematics

Why buy this module?

The associated reader module enables you to build a reader with serial and USB interfaces to support both board-to-board and board-to-host connectivity. The module development kit gives you everything you need to connect to a PC and start reading tags. The Mercury API is loaded on your host processor so you can write software to control the module in the DevKit chassis. The Mercury API supports the entire line of ThingMagic finished readers and embedded RFID modules.

Full schematics of the DevKit are available to support building of your own application-specific reader. The Universal Reader Assistant reduces complexity for novice users but still allows for low-level control for advanced developers by enabling testing and tuning of reader settings, antennas, and tags for your workflow.


  • Multiprotocol support
  • Can support 4 monostatic antennas
  • Separate read and write levels, command adjustable
  • USB 2.0 full speed device port

Optional Supported Protocols

The protocols below can be added to each reader at an additional cost. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • ISO18000-6B
  • IP-X 64, 128

Product Details

Air Interface Protocol - Standard:
EPCglobal Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C) with DRM
Air Interface Protocol:
ISO18000-6B, IP-X 64, 128 & AEI ATA are available through additional license
Operating Frequency:
Global (see data sheet for more info)
Transmit Power:
+30 dBm North America, +31.5 dBm Europe
Max Receive Sensitivity:
Not Published
Max Receive Distance:
Over 9 m (30 ft)
Max Read Rate:
Up to 750 tags/second
Data Interface:
UART 3.3/5V; USB 2.0
4 3.3V bidirectional ports
Power Source:
DC, 5.0V
Antenna Ports:
4 RP-TNC Female (on chassis)
69 x 43 x 7.5 mm (2.7 x 1.7 x 0.3 in)
0.453 kg (0.999 lbs)
IP Rating:
Not Published
Operating Temperature:
-40° to +60°C (-40° to +140°F)
Host API:
C#/.NET, Java, C
Demo Software:
Not Published