Antenna Gain Conversion Table

Unlike RFID Readers that have a standardized measure of Transmit Power (dBm) an RFID Antenna’s Gain is typically reported in dB, dBi, dBiC, dBd, or dBiL depending on the type of antenna, polarization, and manufacturer. Because of the different gain measurements, it is often very hard to compare RFID Antennas when choosing one for your application, so we created this Antenna Gain Conversion Table.

This Antenna Gain Conversion Table enables quick conversions of the most popular gain measurements in an easy-to-use step-by-step process. This Conversion Table is most often used for:

    • Comparing RFID Antennas
    • Calculating system output power in terms of EIRP and ERP

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Antenna Gain Conversion Chart

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