RFID Label Rewinder (3 in Core Diameter)



RFID Label Rewinder

RFID Label Rewinders wind up labels into a roll as they come out of a printer. If you don't use a rewinder, you have to gather up the labels by hand once the printing job is finished. A rewinder is much more convenient and saves you time.

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What's included?

  • 1 RFID Label Rewinder Unit
  • 1 AC/DC adapter Power Supply
  • 3 Metal Fins with a Plastic Bag
  • 6 Screws for the Fins
  • 6 Lockwashers

NOTE: Media guide is a non-standard option.

Why buy this rewinder?

RFID Label Rewinders are great for any application that requires a high volume of tags to be pre-printed and encoded for future applications.

Product Details

Label Width:
Up to 114.3 mm (4.5 in)
Roll Diameter:
Up to 218.44 mm (8.6 in)
Rewind Speed:
Adjustable (Up to 215.9 mm or 8.5 in per second)
Core Diameter:
Fixed 76.2 mm (3 in) fin style
Rewind Direction:
Adjustable (forward, backward)
Rewind Torque:
Max Roll Weight:
3.9 kg (8.5 lbs)
Rewinder Weight:
Between 5.9- 6.8 kg (13 - 15 lbs)
Power Source:
Voltage (selectable) AC/DC adapter 120 VAC, 60Hz