Unboxing and Setting Up the ThingMagic USB Pro Development Kit


This is the first video in a tutorial series that involves setting up the ThingMagic USB Pro RFID Development Kit, walking through reader to PC connection, and then downloading and using the ThingMagic URA.

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Hey guys! My name is Zach Plunket, I’m a Sales Specialist at atlasRFIDstore.com, and today we are going through all the steps that are involved in setting up the ThingMagic USB Pro Development Kit.

Unboxing & Setting Up

First, we are going to set up all the hardware pieces that you will need, then in the next video we are going to download ThingMagic’s URA and set up our PC or laptop to connect to the reader.

In order to read and write tags with the ThingMagic USB Pro reader, you actually have everything you need inside the development kit.

Here is a list of what is included:

  • USB Pro RFID Reader
  • Omni-Directional Antenna
  • USB to Micro-B Connector with Removable 6 Ft. Cable
  • SMA to RP-SMA Cable
  • Sample Pack of RFID Tags

First, you will want to plug in the ThingMagic USB Pro reader to your computer using the USB to Micro B Connector Cable.

Once your reader is connected to your computer, you will see the power indicator light turn on.

Next, connect your reader to the Omni-Directional Antenna by using the included SMA to RP-SMA cable.

It is important that your antenna cable has the correct connectors for the reader and the antenna that you are using.

For this example, I will be using an antenna with an SMA female connector.
So my cable will need to have an RP-SMA Male connector to connect to the reader and an SMA Male connector to connect to the antenna.


That concludes our video on unboxing and setting up the ThingMagic USB Pro reader – Thanks for watching. Please stay tuned to the next video in our series “Installing the ThingMagic URA and Connecting to your USB Pro Reader."

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