ThingMagic Elara USB RFID Reader | The Top 3 Most Common Elara Setup Issues & How to Resolve Them


Welcome to this video that will walk you through the Top 3 Most Common Setup Issues experienced with the  ThingMagic Elara USB RFID Reader and How to Resolve Them. To watch this video on YouTube - click here.

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Welcome to this video about the ThingMagic Elara UHF RFID Reader. Today, we will cover:

  • The Top 3 Most Common Elara Setup Issues and How to Fix Them

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If you have any problems reading  UHF RFID Tags with your ThingMagic Elara USB RFID Reader, it’s mostly likely going to be one of the following reasons:

1. It’s not currently reading - tap your caps lock key twice to start or stop reading UHF RFID tags.

2. It’s reading tags - but you do not have a free text program open to receive the tag reads. If your Elara has a blinking green light, it is successfully reading UHF RFID tags. Open a free text program and click anywhere to start seeing the tag data.

3. It’s reading tags in the wrong mode. If you configure your Elara to read tags in the “COM” mode, and do not change it back to the “HID” mode, you will not be able to read tags in a free text application. In order to do that, you will need to open the ThingMagic Configuration Tool and “Enable HID” in the “Configure” tab under “User Interface” and click save. You can then successfully read via the Keyboard Wedge functionality.

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