ThingMagic Elara USB RFID Reader | Product Overview


Welcome to this video that will introduce you to the  ThingMagic Elara USB RFID Reader. This video will provide a quick product overview, to watch this video on YouTube - click here.

Video Script

Welcome to this quick product overview of the ThingMagic Elara USB RFID Reader.

The ThingMagic Elara is an  integrated RFID reader, that is unique because you don’t have to download a software program in order to read RFID tags thanks to its Keyboard Wedge functionality. RFID tag reads can be displayed immediately through almost any free text field application. In order to have more functionality, like configuring the reader or updating firmware, the ThingMagic Configuration Tool can be downloaded.

This reader is meant for applications that need a simple plug-and-play device in order to read and transmit tag data to an application.

All you need in order to get started reading RFID tags is the ThingMagic Elara USB reader, and a  sample pack of RFID tags.

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