RFID Insider Podcast 1: RFID Race Timing and Impinj Speedway Readers

This week on RFID Insider: RFID Race Timing & Impinj Speedway Readers

In segment one, Timothy Pribyl joins us to talk about race timing with RFID. Race timing, as an industry, has been completely changed by the introduction to RFID, and the industry is still growing. Using RFID to time races has expanded from timing foot and cycling races to different race types like kayak racing, car racing, cross-country racing, and more. If you are new to RFID race timing and are interested in learning about how to get started, as well as learn some key information about the industry – this segment is for you.

In segment two, Eric Anderson from Impinj joins us to educate us about one of their new releases – the Impinj Speedway R120. This one-port RFID reader has had great reception from RFID users and contains some user-friendly features that the Impinj Speedway series (R220 and R420) is known for like Autoset, Low Duty Cycle, and Dynamic Antenna Switching (collectively called Autopilot). This new reader, ideal for one or two read zone applications, adds to the high-quality line from Impinj and could be a great asset to an expanding RFID application.

Don’t miss the ending, when Eric talks to us about TopGolf – an intriguing RFID application that is currently expanding across the world!


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