Introducing the Vulcan RFID Iron USB RFID Reader

Introducing the Vulcan RFID Iron USB RFID Reader

Appearance & Size

Welcome to this video all about the Vulcan RFID Iron USB Reader. Vulcan RFID’s Iron USB Reader is a small form factor USB reader, with a 3D-printed plastic shell with a metal backplate. This USB reader is only 2.83 inches square and just under an inch thick (0.91) and about 2 ounces in weight.

Quick Specs

The Vulcan RFID Iron USB Reader is powered via an included Micro USB to USB cable and like most USB readers, has an internal antenna. This Reader has a transmit power of up to 27 dBm and is able to read up to 150 tags per second. It has an IP rating of 50 and is a certified FCC (NA) reader.


The Iron USB Reader is compatible with a few industry-leading software products such as the Vulcan RFID UHF Tag Read & Write Software, and ThingMagic’s Universal Reader Assistant software, or URA. It can also be integrated into existing systems using Thingmagic’s Mercury API.


The Iron USB Reader is a high-performance USB RFID Reader that is ideal for applications such as access control, IoT, point-of-sale, check-in check-out, proof of concept, and tag reading and writing stations.


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