Impinj's UHF RFID Chip Series | M700 Series vs. M800 Series

Impinj's UHF RFID Chip Series | M700 Series vs. M800 Series

Four years after launching the  M700 chip series, Impinj is launching a new and improved chipset series, the M800 series. This new series will build on the success of the M700 series with improvements such as increased response speed, distance, and reliability and are drop-in compatible with M700 antenna designs, decreasing the time to go-to-market. Let’s jump straight into the details about the M700, what you can expect from this new series, and the major differences between the M800 and the M700.

Checkout the timeline below to see Impinj's releases from the Monza R6 to the new, M800 series.

Impinj’s M700 Chipset Series

The M700 chipset series was released in 2019 and two iterations were available to put in antenna designs in early 2020: the M730 and M750. Later the M770 and the M775 were introduced, followed by the M780 and the M781 in late 2022.

There are a few key features that were introduced with the release of the M700 series in addition to the increase in sensitivity (from -22.6 dB in the R6-P to -24 dB or -23.5 dB for the M700 series). The first major addition was the Impinj Core 3D Antenna feature that was added, that allows these chips omnidirectional reading without a second antenna or  dual dipole design. The second was Impinj Protect Mode which enables loss prevention, embedded tagging, and seamless product returns through creating an invisibility mode that can be turned off or on.

The M730 and M750 are the basic, core chips in the series, but in 2022 the M770 and M775 were released with the additional feature of Impinj Unkillable Mode, which prevents accidental killing of a tag. In addition, the M775 has the GS1 EPCglobal Gen2v2 Authenticate feature, which adds cryptographic authentication in order to reduce counterfeit goods.

In late 2022, the M780 and M781 were released which bring high-memory capabilities to the M700, rivaling the M4QT. The M780 and M781 have all the features available in the previous M700 chips, except the GS1 EPC global G2v2 Authenticate feature of the M775. In addition to those features, the M780 and M781 have version 2 of the Impinj Enduro™antenna pads, which means better bonding between the tag chip and antenna.

Take a look at the chart below for a better look at all the key features available on the M700 chipsets and then compare specifications between the chips.

Impinj M700 Series - Available Chipsets

Currently, there are six chipsets available and all six can be purchased within multiple finished RFID tags. The M700 series consists of the M730, M750, M770, M775, M780, and M781.

Impinj M700 Series - Available RFID Tags

Most RFID tag manufacturers have tags available with the M730 and M750 chipset, such as Vulcan RFID, SIVA, HID, Omni-ID, Beontag, Avery Dennison, and Confidex. Recently, tag manufacturers have started releasing RFID tags with the high memory additions - the M780 and M781 chipsets. Currently the following manufacturers have M780 and M781 UHF RFID tags for sale:

  • Beontag – Buhrer, E702, A701, H703
  • SIVA – Quadwave
  • Confidex – Ironside Slim, Ironside Classic, Ironside Micro, Ferrowave Micro, Crosswave Neo, Survivor, Steelwave Micro II, Steelwave Classic M780
  • Avery Dennison – TracX, Midas Flagtag, Miniweb

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Impinj’s M800 Chipset Series

Released in mid-July, Impinj’s M800 chip series builds on the new features of the M700 series while increasing sensitivity, lowering power consumption, increasing efficiency in production, and decreasing go-to-market time. Impinj sums up the advancements in the M800 in three key groups.

  1. Improved Tag Readability
  2. The M800 series enhances the reliable reading of small tags at a high volume and speed. This is accomplished in four ways:
    • Increasing tag sensitivity of -25.5 dBM (+1.5 dB improvement)
    • Lowering power consumption (30% less)
    • Creating a wider tuning range with their AutoTune feature (V3, version 3)
    • Tighter radio-frequency stability.
  3. Enhanced Tag Readability & Manufacturability
  4. The M800 series of chips have a new shape that was created to eliminate stress points such as the chips corners, improving manufacturability. In addition, they have new Impinj Enhanced Enduro (V2) antenna pads which increase the bondable surface area, improving the chip-to-antenna connection. Because the chips have a new, smaller shape, more chips can fit on a wafer, making chip production more efficient.

    One key goal from Impinj with the release of the M800 series was to decrease the go-to-market time for these chips. Instead of releasing the chip and then waiting months before the consumer can get a finished tag in hand, Impinj has worked with tag manufacturers like Tageos, Beontag, and Avery Dennison to change that. Impinj made sure that the new M800 series is drop-in compatible with all tag antennas that currently contain any M700 chips. This means that tag manufacturers do not have to reconfigure current tag antennas to fit the new chip, ensuring users are able to get RFID tags with the M800 much faster than ever before.

  5. Advanced Features
  6. The features available on the M800 series are similar to those of the M700 series – with a couple of advancements. The two features that were improved upon were the AutoTune feature – from version 2 to version 3, allowing better readability, and the Impinj Enhanced Enduro Antenna Pads – version 1 to version 2, providing more surface area for bonding.

Impinj M800 Series – Available Chipsets

Currently, there are two chipsets available, the M830 and the M850, and the only difference is the memory allocation. The M830 has all the available memory (128 bits) in the EPC memory bank, while the M850 divides the memory up, with the EPC memory having 96 bits and the User memory having 32 bits.

Impinj M800 Series - Available RFID Tags

The following manufacturers have just announced RFID tags featuring the M800 chipset and will likely have tags ready toward the end of 2023.

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