Kathrein Smart Shelf RFID © KRAI Antenna (Global)


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Kathrein Smart Shelf RFID © KRAI Antenna

The Kathrein SMSH-30-30-KRAI-ETSI-FCC RFID Antenna was developed for applications in the field of point of sale, smart shelf applications and Kanban solutions. This antenna is characterized by an extremely homogeneous read zone, which is emitted by the high front to back ratio. Therefore, it is suitable for static detection of multiple transponders. Due to their extremely thin design, this antenna module can be integrated into different applications universally. Furthermore, this antenna is equipped with an intelligent bypass circuit that allows for cascading up to 8 SMSH modules per reader port. The control is done by a suitable © KRAI Kathrein RFID reader, the © KRAI control signals are transmitted via the standard antenna cable.

Data Sheet  SMSH-30-30-KRAI-ETSI-FCC


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What's included?

  • Kathrein Smart Shelf RFID © KRAI Antenna Unit
  • Four Through-holes 4.5 mm for M4 Screws to Mount on Wall/Ceiling
  • Protective Cover 

Why buy this antenna?

Characterized by an extremely thin design and homogeneous read zone, the Kathrein Smart Shelf RFID © KRAI Antenna is an ideal solution for point-of-sales applications, smart shelf applications, conveyor belt applications and Kanban solutions.


  • Antenna module with protective housing and © KRAI.
  • For applications in radiated near-field.
  • Extremely thin design.
  • Very homogeneous reading field.
  • Extremely high front-to-back ratio.
  • Suitable for static tag identifications.
  • Cascadable up to 8 antennas.
  • SMSH-30-30-KRAI-ETSI-FCC per reader port.
  • Cascadability possible only with © KRAI Reader - Up to 32 antennas can be cascaded.
  • Single antenna only useable with © KRAI Reader.


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What is Kathrein RFID Antenna Interface (© KRAI)?

The Kathrein © KRAI system includes proprietary Kathrein readers and antennas that allow for the use of up to 4 antennas simultaneously in any combination with a Kathrein © KRAI enabled RFID reader (Kathrein RRU 4000 Series and Kathrein ARU 3000 Series). Kathrein © KRAI Smart Shelf Antennas have two ports to allow for the chaining of antennas together. A maximum of 8 Smart Shelf Antennas can be cascaded at a single antenna port allowing for selective access to up to 32 individual antennas and the reading result to be linked to the antenna recognition and be output. Using this combination, it is possible to automatically control a large number of extended functions in an entire RFID system. This functionality is great for smart shelf deployments, or any application that requires a large number of antennas. 

NOTE: A maximum of 8 Smart Shelf Antennas can be cascaded per reader port. Kathrein © KRAI Antennas can be operated only in conjunction with © KRAI enabled readers.

Product Details

Operating Frequency:
Global (865-928 MHz)
-7.0 dBic
Max Read Distance:
Up to 1 m (3.3 ft)
Elevation Beamwidth:
Azimuth Beamwidth:
Connector Type:
SMA female (connects to SMA male)
Not Included
4 Through-holes 4.5 mm for M4 Screws to Mount on Wall/Ceiling
330 x 340 x 20 mm (12.99 x 13.39 x 0.79 in)
1 kg (2.2 lbs)
IP Rating:
Indoor Use Only
Operating Temperature:
-20˚C to 55˚C (-4˚F to 131˚F)