TSL CompleteCare Maintenance Program (1166 Bluetooth Reader)



TSL CompleteCare Maintenance Program (1166 Bluetooth Reader)

All TSL® products come with a standard 12 months Return to Base manufacturer’s warranty. To enhance and extend your warranty, consider purchasing a CompleteCare maintenance program. With a TSL CompleteCare Maintenance Program there are no unexpected repair costs and you will also benefit from significantly reduced turnaround time for your repairs, ensuring you protect the continuity of your business and maximize performance output. 

Data Sheet  TSL CompleteCare Maintenance Program (1166 Bluetooth Reader)



  • CompleteCare is one-stop coverage through a single platform with extensive customer support.
  • Easy to use online troubleshooting guide that provides speedy identification of the product fault, preventing unnecessary returns.
  • Provides repairs, replacements, and priority support.
  • Reduces downtime and maximizes productivity.
  • Detailed failure reports can provide insight into potential factors within your organization that are contributing to hardware issues.
  • Striving to get you back up and running in the shortest possible time, TSL’s US-based Technical Support Team can be reached by email for speedy issue resolution. TSL's online troubleshooting guides can also help you identify issues or pinpoint a hardware fault.



TSL CompleteCare and CompleteCare+ Maintenance Programs are currently available to customers in North America only and are for FCC Regulatory Approved RFID units only. TSL CompleteCare and CompleteCare+ Maintenance Programs must be ordered within 30 days from the date of purchase. With extended coverage (excludes only units that have been crushed, submerged in liquid, or damaged beyond repair); units are repaired and returned to manufacturer defaults within seven business days. Moreover, an Advance Exchange option is available. Online Troubleshooting Guide and technician-level phone support included to prevent or minimize inbound repairs. TSL uses UPS / Fedex Ground services to return units back to customer unless customer pays for additional service level. Online status tracking and reporting available through RepairEngine®. 

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