NFC for Marketing Bundle

The NFC for Marketing Bundle is a collection of articles, tutorials, and other information specific to using NFC for Marketing. Instead of reading each of these articles separately, we stitched them together in an all-inclusive and easy-to-read PDF in order to provide you with a convenient way to learn.

What is Included in this Bundle?

This 21-page, NFC for Marketing Bundle contains:

  • 9 Examples of RFID & NFC in Marketing
  • How to Use NFC Tags in Marketing
  • Everything You Need to Know about NFC Smart Posters
  • How to Use NFC for Smart Ads

Why Download this Bundle?

Are you looking for a way to add a digital element to your traditional, print marketing and advertising?

This collection of articles provides insight into how NFC tags can be used to digitize traditional print marketing media, such as posters, flyers, magazine ads, and direct mail. By adding an NFC tag to a piece of direct mail, a company can improve the customer experience while tracking and measuring user interaction - a common downfall of print media.

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