NFC Bundle

The NFC Bundle is a collection of articles, tutorials, and other information specific to NFC, or Near-Field Communication. Instead of reading each of these articles separately, we stitched them together in an all-inclusive and easy-to-read PDF in order to provide you with a convenient way to learn.

What is Included in this Bundle?

This 28-page, NFC Tap-and-Go Bundle contains:

  • NFC vs. RFID [Infographic]
  • NFC vs. RFID
  • NFC for iOS 11
  • NFC Facts & Applications that will Broaden Your Mind
  • 29 NFC Q&A's
  • How to Write an NFC Tag

Why Download this Bundle?

Are you ready to learn about the technology behind the tap-and-go data exchange that is revolutionizing QR codes?

This collection of articles takes you on a deep dive of Near Field Communication, or NFC, and explains it's core value-add. Not only will this Bundle introduce you to the world of NFC, but it will walk you through writing to an NFC tag and using it with your NFC-compatible device.

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Our NFC Hub is all the information you need about Near Field Communication - on one page. This page answers questions like:

• What is NFC?

• How does NFC work?

• What is the difference between NFC & RFID?

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