Zebra DS9908R Barcode Scanner/RFID Reader Hybrid

Video Script

Welcome to this video which will introduce the Zebra DS9908R Hybrid Barcode Scanner and UHF RFID Reader. In this video we will not only introduce the Zebra DS9908R, but also read barcodes and UHF RFID tags with this hybrid scanner /reader. To watch this video on YouTube - click here.

The Zebra DS9908R is ideal for retail and point-of-sale environments so that products can be easily scanned upon checkout either via the encoded RFID tag or the barcode. In addition to checking items in and out, with custom software, the DS9908R can scan barcodes, interpret the number, and then encode the same number on the corresponding RFID tag.

DS9908R Specifications

The DS9908R can only read RFID tags and barcodes up to 1.5 feet in distance, which is a typical range for a Point-of-Sale scanner. This Reader/Scanner hybrid is powered via a USB cable that can connect directly to a computer, and has a 1D/2D Imager that can read and configure barcodes with Zebra’s free 123Scan software. Custom software can be developed or pre-existing software can be integrated with the scanner/reader with Zebra’s SDK’s available for Windows, Android, iOs, and Linux.

Here are the RFID specifications - as you can see the DS9908R has a configurable transmit power from 3 dBm to 22 dBm with a proprietary antenna and is available in a US, EU, or Japan Frequency Range.

Here are the Imager specifications - the DS9908R has a 1280 x 800 image sensor, circular aiming pattern, it can decode a variety of 1D and 2D barcodes, listed here, including Digimarc and OCR.


Now I’m going to read a few barcodes via the 123Scan application which I have downloaded free from Zebra’s website. The link to download the 123Scan application is in the description below and on screen now. Simply open your 123Scan application and open the “Data View” tab. Plug in your scanner and your Model information should appear in the white data box. Double click on your scanner to get started and click on “USB - HID Keyboard Emulation”. A scan log will appear, simply scan a barcode and the number should appear in your scan log.

In order to read RFID tags right out of the box, you’ll need to keep the 123Scan program open and configure a few settings. Exit the Data View and in the “Start” tab, click “Actions” and “View USB Scanners”, double click on your scanner.

First we need to make sure that HID Mode is enabled, which will allow barcodes and RFID tags to populate their data in free text programs, such as a notepad file. On the new screen, double click on the “Cable connection” option and ensure that under Basic Settings USB Device Type, it says “USB HID Keyboard”.

Now on the left navigation menu, double click on the “RFID” section. We need to set our Country of Operation which comes with no standard setting. Click on the “Country of Operation” drop down and select your country, I have chosen the United States, as you can see here. Click Next until you have reached the end of the configuration settings and click “Load to Scanner”. The Program may need you. to close your “Discovered Scanners” tab before you configure the scanner, just click the x on that tab, and click “Load all Scanners”. Your properties then should load to the scanner, so click “Close”.

One important note is that the HID Mode may not work if123 Scan is still open. So go ahead and close your 123 Scan program now. You may see a pop-up asking about Saving, but if you have already loaded your configurations to the scanner, just click No.

Now open a notepad file and click anywhere to get started. Hold a tag up close to scanner and watch the read data populate in the notepad file. Ill read a few tags and scan some barcodes so. You can see all of the data populate in our notepad file.

Remember, the bottom trigger allows you to read RFID tags, and the top trigger allows you to read barcodes.


Thanks so much for watching this video, all about the Zebra DS9908R Hybrid Barcode Scanner/RFID Reader. Remember to like our video and subscribe to our channel to see more RFID videos, just like this one!