RFID Insider Podcast 4: Mobile RFID Readers

This week on RFID Insider: Mobile RFID Readers

This week on RFID Insider, our own Max Morgan with atlasRFIDstore sits down to discuss mobile RFID readers in segment one. And in segment two, Jordan Segraves of Turck joins us to discuss their affordable, user-friendly handheld reader, the Turck PD20 (previously called the U Grok It Grokker).

RFID readers are a necessary component of an RFID system. There are several different kinds of readers with varying capabilities which make selecting the right reader for your application a critical step. Among the several different kinds are mobile RFID readers. Mobile readers expand the reach of RFID by enabling users to travel outside of the parameters of a standard system. But with enhanced flexibility, comes a multitude of factors that impact which mobile reader is best for you. In segment one, Max discusses several of these factors and breaks down some high-level features and capabilities of mobile RFID readers.

In an interview with Jordan Segraves of Turck, Suzanne and Jordan discuss the price benefits, ease-of-use, and attributes of the Turck PD20 handheld reader in segment two. Jordan outlines the important first steps after receiving your PD20 and through some Q&A, covers many of the features that make the PD20 a crowd-pleaser. Some highlights are the PD20’s compatibility with Android and Apple devices and the free, intuitive apps Turck provides to empower your PD20.


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