Installing the ThingMagic URA and Connecting to Your Izar Reader


This is part two of a four-part series that walks through unboxing and setting up the ThingMagic Izar RFID Reader and installing the ThingMagic URA. After that, the series navigates the user through the URA and then how to activate the RAINstream software to read and write tags.

[Audio Transcription Below]

Today I'm going to help you get started reading tags with your ThingMagic Izar Reader using ThingMagic's Universal Reader Assistant, also known as URA.

After you have all the hardware components set up, you will need to prepare your computer to connect to your reader by installing the URA. If you do not have all the hardware components set up, first watch the video, " UnBoxing and Setting Up the ThingMagic Izar RFID Reader".

First we will need to install the URA.

URA is a software program that runs on ThingMagic readers for testing and demonstration purposes. For your convenience, the ThingMagic URA software has been uploaded to the atlasRFIDstore cloud and the link is below.

Downloading and Installing the URA

Click here to download the URA.

There are two options you can download, either the 32-bit installer or the 64-bit installer. Your computer will be the determining factor on deciding which to use. For this tutorial, we are going to download the 64-bit installer by clicking on that option.

Click on "Download" and the download process with automatically start. A window will pop-up when it is complete.

Navigate to your "Downloads" folder to locate the file you just downloaded.

After that, right click and hit "Extract all".

A window will pop up, select "Extract"

Then double click on the software.

The URA installer will then setup to install.

Agree to the terms and conditions and click "Install".

When the URA has installed, click "Next", then "Typical Installation" and then click "Next", then "Install".

After that, the screen will say "Setup Successful" and let you "Launch" or "Close" the URA Setup.

Go ahead and click "Launch". Please Note: In order for the URA program to work, please ensure you have all the hardware components sets up First.

Select "Network Reader" as your "Reader Type" and then click "Refresh" to see your reader.

When your reader comes up, click "Next".

The next menu prompts you to choose a Region, Antenna, and Protocol.

For this tutorial, we will choose "NA" for North America, "Antenna 1", and the "Gen 2" Protocol. After you have selected your Region, Antenna, and Protocol, click "Next"

For testing purposes, at any point you can change the antenna preferences under the "Settings" tab under "Read/Write Options". This will allow you to test which settings work best for your application.

Now your reader is setup and can successfully read the sample tags.


That concludes our video on installing the ThingMagic URA and connecting to your reader. Be sure to watch the next video in the series " How to Use the ThingMagic URA".

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