Honeywell 8680i Wearable Wireless Scanner

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Honeywell 8680i Wearable Wireless Scanner 

The Honeywell 8680i Advanced model Wearable Wireless Scanner drives streamlined workflows onto a single device for many applications, effectively replacing a scanner and mobile computer. The customizable user-facing display communicates workflow instructions, while the two-button interface enables users to navigate menus and confirm selections. The 8680i connects directly to the network application through WiFi and the SDK. Converging common applications such as picking, packing, and sorting onto a single device offers improved ergonomics and reduced acquisition cost when replacing current wearable scanner plus mobile computer solutions. 

Available in a Standard model for simple Bluetooth-paired data collection or an Advanced model for standalone operation in directed workflows, the 8680i Wearable Wireless Scanner can add efficiency and effectiveness to the most common tasks. The Standard version offers lightweight, ergonomic Bluetooth-wearable scanning with clear communication of wireless connection, battery status, and scan results. 

The Advanced model enables streamlined workflows within a single device with Wi-Fi, a customizable user-facing display, and a two-button interface. The Advanced model presents key information to the worker on the display to enable task-specific responses with functions such as confirm action completion, or mark an exception.

There are many configuration options that help tailor the 8680i device to the working environment. It is available (and field-reconfigurable) with a two-finger ring strap and a back-of-hand glove mount option. This device can use slim or extended batteries to suit the duty cycle, shift length, and size/weight priorities. With performance to drive effective workflows and durability to survive tough operating environments, the 8680i Advanced Wearable Wireless Scanner can add efficiency and effectiveness to the most common tasks. 

NOTE: Honeywell 8680i Wearable Wireless Scanner is unavailable with UHF RFID technology. This scanner reads 1D and 2D barcodes, but does not have UHF capabilities.

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What's included?

  • Honeywell 8680i Wearable Wireless Scanner Unit
  • Triggered Ring and Strap Attachment 
  • Extended Battery
  • Two Year Standard Manufacturer Warranty
  • One Year Battery Warranty 

Why buy this scanner?

The Honeywell 8680i Wearable Wireless Scanner delivers essential workflow information directly to the worker’s line of sight and enables input to support common workflows with a single device. Eliminating wasted motion with always at-hand, ergonomic scanning drives efficiency in high-frequency workflows.


  • Wireless wearable ring mobile computer that efficiently streamlines workflows onto a single device. 
  • Designed to speed up frequent scanning tasks, leaving hands free to do the job needed. 
  • Advanced model offers customizable line-of-sight screen, Wi-Fi, and SDK for application development.
  • Field-reconfigurable accessories to the device which enable ring or glove form factor.
  • Designed and built to endure rugged work environments.
  • Engineered for 2,000 0.5 meter (1.6 ft) tumbles. 
  • Honeywell Operational Intelligence workflow analytics to mange battery population lifecycle and simple deployment of settings and firmware updates. 
  • Omnidirectional area imager with a motion tolerance up to 584 cm (230 in) a second. 

Recommended Accessories

The following accessories are available for the Honeywell 8680i Wearable Wireless Scanner. Contact us today for more detailed information on these accessories.

  • Two Finger Strap
  • Wrist Strap
  • Glove Mount
  • Access Points 
  • Spare Batteries 
  • Mobile Battery Charger
  • Four Bay Battery Charger
  • Four Bay Device Charger 
  • AC Power Cables 

Product Details

2D Imager
Data Interface - Standard Model:
Bluetooth V. 4.1 with Adaptive Frequency Hopping, NFC for Pairing Devices
Data Interface - Advanced Model:
Bluetooth V. 4.1 with Adaptive Frequency Hopping, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Power Source:
3.8V, 2160 mAh Battery
Scan Mode:
Button Press
Scan Pattern:
Omni-Directional Area Imager
Sensor Resolution:
844 x 640 Pixels
Imager Field of View:
Not Published
Minimum Print Contrast:
20% Symbol
Decode Capabilities:
1D, 2D GS1 DataBar
Laser Classification:
650 nm High Visibility Red Laser (Class 2)
81.2 x 56 x35 mm (3.2 x 2.2 x 1.4 in)
0.17 kg (0.37 lbs)
Drop Specification:
Withstands 30 1.5 m (5 ft) drops to concrete across temperature range
IP Rating:
IP 54
Operating Temperature:
-20° to 50°C (-4° to 122°F)