Confidex Heatwave Tough™ RFID Tag


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Confidex Heatwave Tough™ RFID Tag

The Confidex Heatwave Tough offers an innovative design for on-metal attachment on flat metal surfaces, while still affording flexibility for tag positioning and automated application. It comes with heat resistance up to 250°C for 50 minutes, and operates well around chemicals. The Confidex Heatwave Tough is equipped with the latest high-memory chip generation. Employing the UCODE 7xm+ chip with 384-bit digital signature and 2-kbit user memory, the tag is enabled to offer flexible data implementation. 

Data Sheet  Confidex Heatwave Tough™ RFID Tag


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Why buy this tag?

The Confidex Heatwave Tough is a tag with high temperature resistance and exceptional performance for metallic surfaces. The tag boasts an extended memory, and the UCODE 7xm+ chip comes with 384-bit digital signature that improves the security. 


  • Equipped with NXP UCODE 7xm+ integrated circuit.
  • Works well in automotive and manufacturing industries.
  • Designed to withstand the anti-corrosion and automotive painting processes. 
  • Peak temperature: 50min at 250°C (482°F).
  • Read range up to 9 m (30 ft).
  • Operates well around salt water, motor oil, acetone, sulfuric acid and other chemicals.
  • IP 68 rated.

Product Details

Air Interface Protocol:
EPCglobal UHF Gen 2v2
Operating Frequency:
FCC (902-928 MHz), ETSI (865-869 MHz)
IC Type:
EPC 448 Bits, User 2048 Bits, TID 96 Bits
EPC Memory Content:
Unique number encoded
Max Read Distance - Metal:
Up to 9 m (30 ft)
Max Read Distance - Plastic:
Up to 2 m (7 ft)
Application Surface Materials:
Optimized for metallic surfaces
Tag Form Factor:
Hard tag
Tag Materials:
Special epoxy-based engineering composite designed for extreme temperatures
Attachment Method:
High performance acrylic adhesive (upon request), or via polyurethane adhesives, epoxies, or silicon sealants
Dimensions - Tags:
50 x 30 x 3 mm (1.97 x 1.18 x 0.12 in)
Dimensions - IC Bump:
Up to 1.6 mm (0.06 in)
9.5 g
Operating Temperature:
-40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)