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Avancir Software - Pro Subscription

Avancir is a complete software platform that scales with you. From tracking assets to inventory management, Avancir's turkney RFID SaaS platform keeps track of everything that matters as your business grows. Through Avancir’s modern off-the-shelf architecture, and plugins with peripheral devices, this software is ready to deploy on day one. Access your data, and other platform configuration settings in Avancir’s web application. Manage your data in a single platform, or utilize our RESTful API to connect your current systems. Easy-to-use and configure, this platform is ideally suited for Returnable Transport Items (RTI), order verification, inventory tracking, asset tracking, and work-in-progress (WIP) applications.

Product Overview  Avancir Software - Pro Subscription

Product Overview — Avancir Software - Pro Subscription

What's included?

  • Avancir Software - Pro Subscription

Why buy this software?

Avancir is a modern IoT platform that brings your digital and physical worlds together. A Pro Subscription offers all of the Basic edition features plus automations, email notifications, SMS notifications, push notifications, items map, facility map, attachments, single sign-on, group management, and roles/permission managementThis platform supports RFID and similar auto-ID technology to increase the visibility of your items, assets, and inventory throughout your work process.

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All of the Basic Edition Features:

  • Item Data Management: View, sort, and filter data.
  • Statuses: Create statuses to map to your business process.
  • Locations: Define indoor and outdoor locations to track items.
  • Item Links: Build traceability between different types of items and data.
  • Activities: Configurable wizard-like user workflows for desktop and mobile.
  • Dashboards: Easy, high-level reports to your data.
  • User Management: Easily control who accesses your data.
  • Workspaces (1): Isolate data into separate projects or collections.
  • Full Data Exports: Easily export all your data into Excel.


  • Automations: Keep data accurate without user interaction.
  • Email Notifications: Receive immediate alerts based on events or notifications.
  • SMS Notifications: Receive immediate text messages on your device based on events or automations.
  • Push Notifications: Receive app notifications on your mobile device based on events or automations.
  • Items Map: Full world map with location clustering and counts.
  • Facility Map: Custom images to visualize item locations in your facility.
  • Attachments: Manage and view file attachments for item records.
  • Single Sign-on: Leverage your existing OpenID Connect or SAML identity provider for login.
  • Group Management: Place users into groups for easy permission management.
  • Roles/Permission Management: Select features that users and groups can access.
 Compatible Devices 


Fixed Readers




Handheld Readers


Mobile Computers



 Impinj R120  Impinj xArray  TSL 1128
Zebra TC21 Any Device with Android OS
 Impinj R220  Impinj xSpan  TSL 1166       Zebra TC21-HC  
 Impinj R420    TSL 1153 Zebra TC26  
 Impinj R700    TSL 2166           Zebra TC26 CBRS  
     TSL 2128       Zebra TC26-HC  
       TSL 2128L Zebra TC22  
       TSL 2128P
 Zebra TC27   
                Zebra MC3330xR
Zebra TC51  
      Zebra TC51-HC  
       Zebra TC52   
           Zebra TC52-HC  
         Zebra TC52ax  
               Zebra TC52ax-HC  
         Zebra TC52x   
             Zebra TC52x-HC  
      Zebra TC53  
      Zebra TC56  
      Zebra TC57  
        Zebra TC57x  
      Zebra TC58  
        Zebra TC70x  
      Zebra TC72  
      Zebra TC73  
        Zebra TC75x  
      Zebra TC77  
      Zebra TC78  

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