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Alien ALR-9680 RFID Reader (4-port)

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Alien ALR-9680 RFID Reader (4-port)

Simple, Low Profile, Gen 2 RFID Solution With Power-Over Ethernet (POE) and out-of-the-box software compatibility with other Alien readers, the ALR-9680 Gen 2 RFID Reader is a simple, low profile solution that enables users to start reading tags and developing solutions immediately. Easy to Integrate The ALR-9680 communicates via the easy-to-use Alien Reader Protocol, with key RFID platform support including Microsoft® BizTalk RFID, OatSystems, Oracle®, Xterprise and others. A well-documented SDK featuring .NET, Java and Ruby libraries enables easy development of custom interfaces to control the reader if desired. The user-friendly Alien RFID Gateway software enables the user to begin solution development immediately. Low System Cost The cost of installing AC power can sometimes rival the cost of the reader. The ALR-9680’s POE capability allows power to be delivered over properly-equipped local area networks, eliminating expensive AC wiring installation. A POE power injector is provided to supply power if POE is not available. The combination of this capability with up to 4 antenna significantly reduces the cost and complexity of installing an RFID read point.

Data Sheet  Alien ALR-9680 RFID Reader (4-port)


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What's included?

  • Alien ALR-9680 RFID Reader Unit
  • Power Supply
  • 2-Year Factory Warranty

Why buy this reader?

The Alien ALR-9680 is a commercial-grade UHF RFID reader that provides 4-port flexibility and Alien’s industry leading ease-of-use and reader “intelligence.”


  • Feature-rich Alien Reader Protocol.
  • 4 mono-static reader ports.
  • POE eliminates cost of AC power drop.
  • EPC Gen 2 dense reader inter-operable.
  • Slim form-factor for installation in height-restricted places.
  • Manageable and upgradable.

Product Details

Air Interface Protocol:
EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
Operating Frequency:
FCC (902.75-927.25 MHz)
Transmit Power:
4 watts EIRP (US), 2 watts ERP (EMA, CHN)
Max Receive Sensitivity:
Not Published
Max Read Distance:
Not Published
Max Read Rate:
Not Published
Data Interface:
2 inputs, 2 outputs, TTL compatible
Power Source:
POE, AC/DC power supply 24 VDC
Antenna Ports:
4 RP-TNC female ports (connects to RP-TNC male)
184.15 x 241.3 x 31.75 mm (7.25 x 9.50 x 1.25 in)
0.91 kg (2 lbs)
IP Rating:
Not Published
Operating Temperature:
-20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)
Host API:
Java, .NET, Ruby APIs
Demo Software:
Alien Gateway