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Zebra DS457 Fixed Mount Scanner

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Zebra DS457 Fixed Mount Scanner

The Zebra DS457 Fixed Mount Scanner delivers fast, high-volume hands-free scanning of virtually any barcode - including 1D and 2D. Regardless of what type of barcode is presented, or whether it is printed on a paper label, etched into a product or displayed on a mobile phone screen, breakthrough digital imaging technology delivers extraordinary scanning speed. With its tiny footprint, the DS457 maximizes counter space and can be easily integrated into the most space-constrained areas. Workers can choose presentation or trigger-activated mode, providing the flexibility for a wide variety of applications. And while the DS457 can be integrated into a wide variety of products, its sleek design is just as at home in customer-facing areas, such as retail counter. No matter what type of barcodes you need to capture, there is a model that will meet your needs. The DS457 offers full omni-directional scanning which eliminates the needs to precisely align barcode and image. The DS457 is equipped with a unique aiming pattern with a bright central dot that ensures quick, accurate scanning in even the brightest lighting. The result is a highly intuitive function tat increases worker productivity, virtually eliminating the need and cost associated with training.

NOTE: The DS457 Scanner is unavailable with UHF RFID technology. This scanner reads 1D and 2D barcodes, but does not have UHF capabilities.

Data Sheet  Zebra DS457 Fixed Mount Scanner


What's included?

  • Zebra DS457 Fixed Mount Scanner Unit
  • Three Year Standard Manufacturer Warranty

Why buy this scanner?

Designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications, the Zebra DS457 Fixed Mount Scanner offers the largest working range possible on the largest variety of barcodes. The DS457 can be used as a standalone scanner or integrated into the most space-constrained products to bring world-class scanning performance to mobile computers, handheld scanners, self-service kiosks, medical and diagnostic instruments, lottery terminals and more.


  • Designed for 1D/2D intensive applications with medium to large barcodes.
  • Scans any bar code on paper, mobile phones, and computer displays.
  • Powerful 624 MHz processor, fast sensor shutter speed and patent pending fastpulse illumination.
  • Designed for small spaces with a near zero footprint.
  • Ominidirectional scanning and unique aiming pattern.
  • Can be used in either presentation mode for hands-free scanning or on-demand scanning via the integrated scan trigger.
  • Rapid and easy customized setup through a free, wizard-based PC software tool.
  • Compatible with SSI and SNAPI command interfaces.
  • Common applications: transportation, retail, and manufacturing.

Zebra OneCare Support with Comprehensive Coverage

Zebra OneCare Essential delivers the fully featured comprehensive coverage you need to maximize uptime and value of your Zebra device. This service sets the industry bar for service and support, with features that include coverage for accidental damage and normal wear and tear, technical support during your local business hours, access to software updates, and a 3-day turnaround time on repairs.

NOTE: This service is available for purchase within 30 days of your equipment purchase. Purchase of any Zebra OneCare Support Service voids the included standard warranty, resulting in a coverage of three (3) years total. Contact us today for more detailed information.


Recommended Accessories

The following accessories are available for the Zebra DS457 Fixed Mount Scanner. Contact us today for more detailed information on these accessories.

Product Details

2D Imager
Data Interface:
RS-232, USB
Power Source:
5 VDC 850 mA
Scan Mode:
Fixed projection
Scan Pattern:
Sensor Resolution:
752 x 480 pixels (gray scale)
Imager Field of view:
Horizontal: 39.6° , Vertical: 25.7°
Minimum Print Contrast:
25% minimum absolute dark/light reflectance
1D Decode Capability:
All major 1D barcodes
2D Decode Capability:
PDF417, DataMatrix, QR Code, Aztec, Composite Codes and MaxiCode
Postal Decode Capability:
US Postnet, US Planet, UK Planet, Australian Postal, Japan Postal
Laser Classification:
Intended for use in CDRH Class II/EIC 825 Class I devices
29.2 x 58.4 x 62 mm (1.15 x 2.3 x 2.44 in)
0.111 kg (0.25 lbs)
Drop Specification:
Withstands multiple 0.762 m (2.5 ft) drops to concrete
IP Rating:
IP 54
Operating Temperature:
-20° to 50°C (-4° to 122°F)