RFID Tag Testing Sheet

This tag testing sheet was created in order to help you find the ideal tag for your RFID application by providing a place to record accurate results during your RFID tag testing. When you purchase a sample pack of RFID tags for testing, use this tag testing sheet in order to ensure all tag data and results are recorded properly.

This Tag Testing Sheet contains 5 columns to help you test 5 different RFID tags. Within each column, data can be recorded like:

    • Tag Specifics - Manufacturer, IC, Expected Read Range
    • Tag Attributes - if the tag is Rugged, High Temperature, Metal-Mount, or Embeddable, and the Attachment Type
    • Tag Pricing - At different quantities
    • Received Read Specifics - Read Range on 3 different tests, Read Rate, Read Accuracy, Tag Satisfaction

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RFID Tag Testing Sheet

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