Zebra's New TC Series Mobile Touch Computers & MC Series Mobile Computers

Zebra's TC53e, TC58e, TC53e-RFID Mobile Computers

Zebra TC53e Mobile Touch Computer

Introducing the latest additions to the TC5 Series: the TC53eTC53e-RFID, and TC58e. These devices represent a leap forward in speed, durability, and security for mobile touch-screen computers.

Tailored to meet the demands of modern mobility, they empower employees to excel in today's rapidly evolving landscape. At the core of their security features lies the Secure Element, ensuring unparalleled protection against physical attacks and unauthorized access.

These devices boast the latest QualComm processor - delivering a significant boost in performance while being more energy-efficient than ever before. This technological advancement not only enhances productivity but also contributes to a more sustainable usage of resources.

Sustainability Focus

In line with sustainability initiatives, these devices are constructed with 25% post-consumer recycled plastics, reducing their environmental footprint. Additionally, the batteries are engineered with green technology, offering both recyclability and extended lifespan.

One notable feature is the battery statistics, providing users with insights into battery performance and optimizing usage to minimize downtime. This not only enhances user experience but also promotes resource conservation.

Furthermore, the packaging of these devices underscores a commitment to environmental responsibility. The majority of packaging materials are biodegradable, crafted from recycled material. This eco-conscious approach ensures that the devices are not only beneficial for users but also for the planet.

Zebra TC Mobile Computer New Features

  • A Better Display – 6-inch FHD+ end-to-end display. Works when wet or when wearing gloves. Viewable both outdoors and indoors.
  • Crisp Audio Quality – Built with 3 microphones, 2 speakers, and support for every kind of headset.
  • More Memory – Built with 8 GB RAM, 12 GB Flash, and 2TB of onboard storage.

Zebra TC Mobile Computer Differences

  • TC53e - Base model of the series. Available Now
  • TC53e-RFID - TC53e with the addition of UHF RFID technology (Up to 1.2 m/ 4 ft of read range). Available Now
  • TC58e - TC53e with added cellular capabilities (WWAN 5G), and an extended memory option. Available Q3

Zebra's MC9400-G Handheld Mobile Computers

Zebra MC9400-G Mobile Computer

The MC9400-G and MC9450-G, are premier mobile computers with scanning capabilities that integrate cutting-edge mobility technologies for streamlined inventory management. With broad printer compatibility, these devices excel in speed and seamless integration with modern industrial applications. Equipped with Wi-Fi 6E and both public and private 5G, they offer versatile connectivity options.

Zebra MC9400/MC9450 Handheld Mobile Computer New Features

  • Biometric facial recognition technology – Your workers will have easy access to the devices while you feel the relief of knowing that your technology is protected by restricted access to pre-authorized users—which removes the risk of passwords and information being compromised.
  • Unmatched scanning range – The MC9400 mobile computer has the largest, best-in-class scanning range from in-hand to over 100ft. This streamlines barcode scanning processes, all because of SE58 Extended Range Scan Engine that is powered by IntelliFocus™ technology.
  • Persistent power – Built with four times the standard capacity and bandwidth, three times the speed, and up to three times the available spectrum. This provides users with nearly instantaneous response times and increased levels of effectiveness and productivity.
  • Connective Versatility – The MC9400 is the first ever gun-style device that is enabled to connect with public and private 5G wireless data connectivity.

Zebra MC Handheld Mobile Computer Differences

  • Zebra MC9400-G - Base model of the series. Available Now
  • Zebra MC9450-G - MC9400-G with the addition of cellular capabilities (WWAN 5G). Available Now

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