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Welcome to the atlasRFIDstore Blog, your source for the most current and relevant RFID information. Here you will find articles on a wide range of RFID topics including industry updates, how-to’s, product developments and more. The articles we feature on our blog will be addressed to a wide range of readers – from the industry expert to the amateur just starting with RFID technology, so there’s always something for you to learn. Striving to always be at the forefront of RFID developments, you can trust that we will provide the most comprehensive information available.

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About Atlas RFID

atlasRFIDstore’s parent company, Atlas RFID Solutions, Inc. was founded to bridge the gap between the firms that are developing RFID technology and the firms that stand to benefit the most from implementing RFID. Rather than focusing only on the individual components necessary to employ an effective RFID system, Atlas focuses on the entire system itself. We develop, integrate, and maintain customized RFID-based systems for clients throughout the world. Numerous companies develop the various components of an RFID system—we partner with the best RFID companies and use their technologies as a platform to build customized solutions for our clients.

About atlasRFIDstore

atlasRFIDstore was founded in 2008 and has since grown to a trusted industry leader for RFID systems, parts, and accessories. At Atlas, you will find more than simple RFID reader and tag solutions. We have individual products in virtually every category of RFID hardware, including RFID tags, readers, development kits, printers, antennas, portals, and more.


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