IT Asset Tracking: How does it help you?

In a large company or department, sometimes hundreds of IT assets are laying around waiting to be distributed, fixed, sold, or kept in inventory. If you need to quickly discern which laptops require repairs, how do you identify those from the rest? Do you sort through every single laptop looking for the serial numbers you wrote down a few weeks ago? Seems like a pretty long and unnecessary process. Maybe you stacked the laptops in piles corresponding to their status, right? Okay, you know some laptops need to be fixed, but each has its own set of different malfunctions; how do you keep up with the needs of each computer? Sure, you could label each computer using sticky notes, tape, and permanent markers, but in a busy environment, papers are flying all over the floor. How can you be sure you are getting the right IT equipment in the right place with 99.9% efficiency?

RFID IT asset tracking tags can replace your mountainous piles of sticky notes with a more efficient and functional way keeping your assets sorted in an organized fashion. Large IT departments should track their assets which provides visibility in the workplace. A reliable asset tracking system keeps your company efficient and within budget. Employees running through hundreds of computers every day looking at serial numbers is not money best spent in your department. If you incorporate RFID into your IT asset tracking, you could find the correct laptop in a matter of seconds.

Huge companies like Wells Fargo are using RFID to tag servers, storage drives, and laptops to secure their costly IT assets. They even use RFID to store each customer’s data by placing RFID tags on data tapes and tracking its location in their warehouses. Slowly, IT asset tracking with RFID is becoming the norm for many big companies when they realize how inefficient and insecure the current processes really are.


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