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Omni-ID Large Tool Tracking Sample Pack

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  • Omni-ID Large Tool Tracking Sample Pack | Omni_Large_Tool_Pack_US
  • Omni-ID Prox 200 RFID Tag | 157-GS
  • Omni-ID Exo 400 High Temperature RFID Tag | 144-US
  • Omni-ID Dura 600 RFID Tag | 025-US
  • Omni-ID Max Rigid RFID Tag | 020-US
  • Omni-ID Exo 600 RFID Tag | 061-GS
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 Product Description

Omni-ID Large Tool Tracking Sample Pack

Designed for larger tools in the workplace, this sample pack contains 10 UHF RFID Omni-ID hard tags. Most tags in this pack can withstand a more rugged environment and can be applied to both metal and non-metallic assets.

Omni-ID Prox 200 RFID Tag Omni-ID’s Prox 200 is a small form factor, global, RFID tag designed specifically for enterprise IT asset management environments. Market leading consistency is provided through its broadband RF design, which supports handheld and portal use cases on both metal and plastic assets alike. As a truly balanced tag, the Prox 200 will provide an ideal option for all surfaces in IT asset management applications.

Omni-ID Exo 400 High Temperature RFID TagOmni-ID Exo 400 is a small form factor, High Temperature RFID tag optimized for metal substrates. With a combined ability to survive high temperatures to 235°C and a rugged encapsulation, this tag is ready for deployment in a variety of applications without sacrificing read range performance.

Omni-ID Dura 600 RFID TagOmni-ID Dura 600 is a small form factor, high durability RFID tag with superior on-metal performance. The combination of its size, flexible durable case design and foam adhesive makes it ideal for industrial applications where curved or contoured assets are in use.

Omni-ID Max Rigid RFID Tag Omni-ID Max Rigid is a long range passive UHF RFID tag capable of reading on, off, and near metal surfaces. Designed in a surprisingly small form factor, Omni-ID Max Rigid features a durable water tight encapsulation for long term use in outdoor and industrial environments.

Omni-ID Exo 600 RFID Tag - Omni-ID Exo 600 is a small, high performance, global RFID tag designed to meet the diverse needs of logistics industries. With a small footprint it is well suited for attachment to metal bars commonly found on RTI’s.

What's included?

Why buy this sample pack?

This sample pack gives you five types of tags to test on larger tools that can be deployed in most environments. With different attachment methods and form-factors, these tags give you the ability to test multiple tool tracking tags to find the perfect one for your application.

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  • Both Metal and non-metal mount tags.
  • Perfect for large tools.


Air Interface Protocol:
EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
Operating Frequency:
FCC (902-928 MHz), Global (860-930 MHz)
IC Type:
EPC Memory Content:
Unique, randomized number
Max Read Distance:
Applicable Surface Materials:
Tag Form Factor:
Hard Tag
Tag Materials:
High quality engineering plastics
Attachment Method:
Operating Temperature:


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