Embeddable RFID Wire Tag



Embeddable RFID Wire Tag

A versatile best seller. Patent pending design allows these RFID tags to endure larger temperature ranges than standard inlay based RFID tags. These durable wire tags can be embedded in pallets, concrete, or plastics and still provide reliable performance. Their flexible design allows them to be used in a wide variety of form factors. Because of their unique design, they can provide a 360° read profile to reduce orientation sensitivity. The core of this RFID tag is a small rugged circuit board with a metal wire antenna. More durable than inlay tags, these wire based tags combine strength with flexibility. A variety of encapsulations are available: high temperature Teflon or silicone, durable vulcanized rubber, and integrated cable ties. These versatile tags can be attached with a broad range of mechanical methods.

Data Sheet  Embeddable RFID Wire Tag


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Why buy this tag?

The embeddable wire tag is a flexible yet high-temperature RFID tag that works well in many different applications such as textile tracking, tool tracking, and pallet tracking.


  • 360° read profile.
  • Embeddable into plastics, pallets, concrete, rubber, etc.
  • Versatile attachment methods (wires, clips, hooks, etc.).
  • Harsh environment RFID tags.
  • High temperature RFID tags.

Product Details

Air Interface Protocol:
EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
Operating Frequency:
Global (860-960 MHz)
IC Type:
Alien Higgs 3
EPC 96 bit, User 512 bit, TID 64 bit
EPC Memory Content:
Unique, randomized number
Max Read Distance:
1-2 m (3.3-6.6 ft)
Applicable Surface Materials:
Any material, (exception metallic surfaces)
Tag Form Factor:
Hard tag
Tag Materials:
Polyolefin thermoplastic
Attachment Method:
Embedded, heat-shrinking, clips, adhesive, bands
Dimensions: Length:
165 mm (6.5 in)
Dimensions: Diameter:
1.5 mm (0.06 in)
2 g
Operating Temperature:
-50° to +200°C (-58° to +392°F)