RFID Testing Center

RFID Tag Testing Center

These articles will help you get the most out of your RFID tags.

Read Range

6 Factors that Affect RFID Read Range

Learn how to mitigate some of the common pitfalls in RFID systems that reduce your read ranges.

RFID Tag Best Practices

13 RFID Tag Best Practices

Once you've optimized your system's settings, make sure you're appropriately affixing RFID tags in the field.

RFID on Metal

RFID on Metal: A Few Things You Should Know

Metal surfaces will affect RF waves, but as long as you've chosen the right RFID tags and equipment, you won't need to worry.

Three Basic Things About UHF RFID Tags

3 Things to Know About UHF RFID Tags

UHF RFID tags have three basic components. Learn what they are and discover how each can potentially impact your system performance.

5 Ways to Attach RFID Tags

5 Ways to Attach RFID Tags

Consider these popular methods of affixing tags.