SMARTRAC Web RFID Paper Tag (Monza R6-P)



SMARTRAC Web RFID Paper Tag (Monza R6-P)

Equipped with the Impinj Monza R6-P chip, the SMARTRAC Web RFID Paper Tag features an Autotune function, which helps the WEB to work at peak efficiency, even in rapidly changing environments. Tags with the Monza R6-P offer additional features such as add-on user memory and on-demand memory configuration as well as a kill function and easy access control to change tag information for store data if required. WEB products are compact and ideally shaped for use as apparel hang-tags, providing high read reliability with optimum performance, resulting in low fixed infrastructure and total applied costs. Retailers and brand owners can deploy these solutions globally for apparel, as they comply with current frequency regulations in the US (FCC), EU (ETSI) and Asia. SMARTRAC’s WEB inlays and tags can be easily converted into hang-tags or care labels, and are available in paper tag delivery format.

Data Sheet  SMARTRAC Web RFID Paper Tag (Monza R6-P)


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Why buy this tag?

The SMARTRAC Web RFID Paper Tag is designed for the unique identification of items such as apparel and electronics. The SMARTRAC Web RFID Paper Tag is particularly suitable for item-level retail applications, offering high performance and best-in-class orientation sensitivity.


  • Suitable for full integration into the SMART COSMOS Cloud Services platform.
  • SMARTRAC’s inlays and tags are compliant with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management.
  • Web Width: 60 mm (2.4 in).
  • Application areas: brand protection, supply chain management, and retail.
  • IC type: Impinj Monza R6-P.

Product Details

Air Interface Protocol:
EPC Class 1 Gen 2 ( ISO 18000-6C)
Operating Frequency:
Global (860-960 MHz)
IC Type:
Impinj Monza R6-P
EPC 128/96 Bits, User 32/64 Bits
EPC Memory Content:
Unique, auto-serialized
Max Read Distance:
Up to 12 m (39.37 ft)
Applicable Surface Materials:
Plastic, cardboard, glass
Tag Form Factor:
Paper Tag
Tag Materials:
Mid-gloss paper
Recommended Ribbon:
Performance Resin
Attachment Method:
Solvent-free permanent adhesive
54 x 34 mm (2.13 x 1.34 in)
1 g
Operating Temperature:
-40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F)