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ThingMagic Sargas 2-Port UHF RFID Reader (902-928 MHz) [B-Stock]

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  • ThingMagic Sargas 2-Port UHF RFID Reader (902-928 MHz) [B-Stock] | S6-NA-B
  • ThingMagic Sargas 2-Port UHF RFID Reader (902-928 MHz) [B-Stock] | S6-NA-B
  • ThingMagic Sargas 2-Port UHF RFID Reader (902-928 MHz) [B-Stock] | S6-NA-B
  • ThingMagic Sargas 2-Port UHF RFID Reader (902-928 MHz) [B-Stock] | S6-NA-B
  • ThingMagic Sargas 2-Port UHF RFID Reader (902-928 MHz) [B-Stock] | S6-NA-B
  • ThingMagic Sargas 2-Port UHF RFID Reader (902-928 MHz) [B-Stock] | S6-NA-B
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 Product Description

Why is this a B-Stock Product?

  • Condition: Used.
  • Offered at a reduced price.
  • Used for testing and demonstration purposes.
  • One corner of the reader is slightly bent.
  • Chipped paint on device.
  • Original packaging is missing.
  • Power supply is NOT included.
  • Note: This reader is in perfect working condition and has been tested for functionality.
  • All sales are final. This product may not be returned or exchanged.

ThingMagic Sargas 2-Port UHF RFID Reader (902-928 MHz) [B-Stock]

The ThingMagic® Sargas reader is a high-performance, 2-antenna-port, UHF reader in a low profile enclosure. Built around the ThingMagic Micro reader module, the device reads more than 750 tags per second at distances over 9 meters (30 feet) when configured with appropriate antennas. With an onboard processor, memory and removable flash storage, the reader has features designed for enterprise. ThingMagic Sargas reader makes system integration easier in 3 ways: hardware features, Sargas reader architecture, and supporting software tools and API. Careful use of these capabilities can reduce hardware count and software development time in a project. ThingMagic's Sargas Reader is an ideal solution for applications including but not limited to: access control, in-vehicle asset tracking, point of sale, document tracking, medical patient ID, item level scan in manufacturing (WIP), kiosks and smart displays, event management, product authentication and brand protection, asset tracking in warehouse, and took check in/out.

Powerful Processor - Sargas is outfitted with a powerful ARM Cortex processor running Linux and generous amounts of DDR and FLASH memory, allowing complex on-reader programs to be loaded and written with the aid of ThingMagic’s MercuryAPI.

RAINstream Compatible - All settings, including those for RAINstream, can be configured via a web interface sourced by the reader. This interface also permits the administrator to view status, upgrade firmware, run diagnostic tests, and test reading ability.

“Tagnostic” - ThingMagic Sargas supports the entire suite of RAIN UHF RFID tag functionality, including Gen2V2 security. It also supports custom features from a wide variety of tag vendors, enhancing functionality for specialized applications. Optional, non-RAIN tag protocols are also available, including ISO 18000-6B, and read-only support for IP-X and AEI ATA.

Common Language - Mercury API, ThingMagic’s universal programming interface, permits easy software portability across the entire ThingMagic product line – between finished readers and embdedded modules.

Multiple Data interfaces - Multipurpose client and host USB Ports, an SD card slot, and high voltage, opto-isolated general purpose I/O ports allow Sargas to support a wide variety of applications.

Data Sheet  ThingMagic Sargas 2-Port UHF RFID Reader (902-928 MHz) [B-Stock]


Quick Start Guide  ThingMagic Sargas 2-Port UHF RFID Reader (902-928 MHz) [B-Stock]


Wi-Fi Quick Start Guide  ThingMagic Sargas 2-Port UHF RFID Reader (902-928 MHz) [B-Stock]


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What's included?

  • ThingMagic Sargas 2-Port UHF RFID Reader (902-928 MHz) Unit
  • Power Supply NOT Included

Why buy this reader?

Designed for a wide range of enterprise, industrial, and commerical applications, the ThingMagic Sargas 2-Port UHF RFID Reader is equipped with powerful Linux processing capabilities that enable autonomous operation, hosting of on-board software, and data filtering/sorting.


  • Powerful, yet very compact 2-port UHF RFID readers.
  • 2 RF ports - 0 to +30 dBm.
  • Compact form factor - 3.4 x 3.1 x 0.94 in.
  • EPCglobal LLRP v1.1.
  • Significant on board processing power eliminates the need for a supporting PC.
  • Reads up to 750 tags per second.
  • World-wide frequency coverage.
  • Networking, GPIO, USB, micro SD ports.
  • Multi-protocol extensions.
  • Mercury API, Universal Reader Assistant software support.
  • Independent read and write RF controls.
  • Powered by AC or DC.
  • The Micro-SD card slot can be used for external data storage.
  • The host USB port can support a keyboard and mouse.

Optional Supported Protocols

The protocols below can be added to each reader at an additional cost. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Recommended Accessories

The following accessories are available for the ThingMagic Sargas UHF RFID Reader. Contact us today for more detailed information on these accessories.

  • USB WiFi
  • USB BLE adapter
  • USB console cables
  • Antenna cables
  • PoE Injector
    • Trendnet TPE-104GS (802.3af, 5V@2A)
    • TP-LINK TL-POE10R (802.3af, 5V@2A)


Air Interface Protocol - Standard:
EPC Gen 2V2 ISO 18000-63
Air Interface Protocol - Additional:
ISO18000-6B, IP-X 64, 128, AEI ATA & RAINstream are available through additional license
Reader Protocol:
EPC Global LLRP V1.1
Operating Frequency:
FCC (902-928 MHz)
Transmit Power:
0 dBm to +30 dBm
Max Receive Sensitivity:
Not Published
Max Read Distance:
Up to 9 m (30 ft) - with appropriate antenna
Max Read Rate:
Up to 750 tags per sec (settings dependent)
Data Interface:
RJ45, USB Type A, USB Type B, Micro-SD
4 opto-isolated GPIO lines (2 in / 2 out)
Power Source:
4.5 to 5.5 V dc, 15 W max
Antenna Ports:
2 RF ports: RP-SMA female (connects to RP-SMA male)
87 x 80 x 23.8 mm (3.4 x 3.1 x 0.94 in)
0.27 kg (0.60 lbs)
IP Rating:
Not Published
Operating Temperature:
-40 to +60ºC (-40 to +140ºF)
Host API:
Mercury API SDK
Demo Software:
Universal Reader Assistant


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