SLS RFID smartSLED Handheld RFID Reader



SLS RFID smartSLED Handheld RFID Reader

The SLS RFID smartSLED Handheld RFID reader works with Android, iOS, and Windows devices to enable lightning fast inventory of items on pallets, warehouse shelves, moving vehicles, and other tagged items in business processes where fixed reader class performance is required in a portable device. Enabled with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, the smartSLED has extremely long battery life both while in use and in standby mode.

Data Sheet  SLS RFID smartSLED Handheld RFID Reader


Quick Start Guide  SLS RFID smartSLED Handheld RFID Reader


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What's included?

  • SLS RFID smartSLED Handheld RFID Reader Unit
  • 3,400 mAh Replaceable Battery
  • USB Type C to USB Type A Cable
  • Clamp Battery Cover
  • Quick Start Guide

Why buy this reader?

The SLS RFID smartSLED Handheld RFID Reader comes with the first and only true universal connection for mobile device – simply clamp the iOS or Android device to the top of the ‘sled’, no need for additional connectors or device case. 


  • Choice of vertically linear, horizontally linear, or circular polarization.
  • Rugged handheld RFID reader with 2D barcode module.
  • Compatible with all Android phones and iPhones.
  • Android API, iPhone API, Linux API, and Windows API.
  • Common applications: cold chain management/transportation, temperature data logging, food inspections, cold storage rooms, product authentication, quality control, evidence tracking, temperature controlled pharmaceuticals, living organic materials, floral management, industrial composites and chemical tracking, and data centers.

Recommended Accessories

The following optional and replacement accessories are available for the SLS RFID smartSLED Handheld RFID Reader. Contact us today for more detailed information about these accessories.

Product Details

Air Interface Protocol:
EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-63)
Operating Frequency:
FCC (902-928 MHz)
Antenna Type:
Vertically linear, horizontally linear, or circular polarization - depending on selection above
Max Read Distance:
Up to 18 meters in an open space with DogBone Monza R6 tags (H-2 version)
2D Barcode scanner
Operating System:
Android, iOS, Windows (Keyboard Mode), BLE (Bluetooth 4.2)
Data Interface:
Memory/Expansion Memory:
Not published
Power Source:
3,400 mAh Replaceable battery
Not published
48 x 42 x 15 mm (1.89 x 1.65 x 0.59 in)
0.595 kg (1.31 lb)
IP Rating:
IP 54
Operating Temperature:
-20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F)
Host API:
SLS smartVIEW Mobile API
Demo Software:
SLS smartVIEW Mobile App