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RFID Buyer's Guide: 24 Questions You Need To Answer


Purchasing RFID equipment isn’t an easy proposition for newcomers and industry insiders alike. The ins-and-outs of RFID technology require that you properly scope the entirety of your project before the procurement phase.

Clearly outlining the goals and requirements of your application will make it easier to find the right RFID hardware. Also, it will prevent you from making costly mistakes that could cripple projects with tight budgets.

In this guide, we give you 24 questions you need to ask as your begin planning your project. Save and print out this guide so that you can use it as a worksheet and make planning easier and faster.


1. What type of surface will you be tagging? On metal,

plastic, wood, etc?

2. What read range do you desire?

3. Size limitations (i.e., the tag can be no larger 

than x by y by z inches)?

4. Any excessive environmental conditions to consider?

Excessive heat, cold, moisture, impact, etc.?

5. Method of attachment? 

Adhesive, epoxy, rivets/screws, cable ties, etc.?

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RFID Antennas

6. How much read range do you need?

7. Is it possible to always know or control the orientation of the

RFID tag relative to the antenna’s position in your application?

8. Any excessive environmental conditions to consider?

Excessive heat, cold, moisture, impact, etc.?

9. Will the antenna be mounted indoors or


10. Size limitations (i.e., the antenna can

be no larger than x by y by z inches)?

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RFID Readers

11. How much read range do you require for your application?

12. Any excessive environmental conditions to consider?

Excessive heat, cold, moisture, impact, etc.?

13. Will you be adding the reader to a network?

14. Where will the reader be placed? Fixed location? Vehicle? Does the reader need to be mobile?

15. How many read points/read zones will you need?

16. How many tags might need to be read at one time?

17. How quickly will the tags be moving through the read zone?

For example, is this a slow moving conveyor belt or a fast moving race?

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RFID Cables

18. How long do you need the

cable to be?

19. What is the read range desired for your system?

20. Which connector type does your reader have?

21. Which connector type does your antenna have?

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RFID Accessories

Do I need…

22. RFID Printers?

Print human readable labels and

encode at the same time

23. RFID Portals?

Integrated reader and antenna

unit designed for choke-points

24. GPIO Adapters?

General purpose input/output box

for interfacing with readers

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