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Alien F800 RFID Reader

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Alien F800 UHF RFID Reader

Alien® ALR-F800 is a best in class, self-optimizing Enterprise class reader that enables users to deploy best-in-class EPC Gen 2 RFID solutions for retail, supply chain, manufacturing, mobile asset tracking and asset management applications. Featuring a new fifth-generation reader architecture that intelligently adapts and configures based on its environment, the ALR-F800 provides the industry’s best Power over Ethernet (PoE) transmit power and performance.The ALR-F800 reader’s discrete architecture offers substantial improvements in function and performance over existing products in the market, enabling new levels of flexibility for system enhancements and future proofing. The improvements include industry standard MicroSD and USB slots for adding memory and additional capabilities such as cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The F800 can accommodate large chunks of code, or entire applications loaded directly on the reader.

Data Sheet  Alien F800 UHF RFID Reader


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What's included?

If kit is NOT selected above:

  • 1 ALR-F800 Alien Reader Unit Only (Country/region specific)
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Note: DC or Power-over-Ethernet Injector Power Supply NOT included.

If kit is selected above:

  • 1 ALR-F800 Alien Reader Unit (Country/region specific)
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty- Reader Only
  • 1 PoE Injector
  • 1 Power Cable for PoE Injector/Reader
  • 2 Ethernet cables
  • 1 USB B to A cable

Why buy this reader?

The ALR-F800 introduces a paradigm shift in RFID reader practicality. The reader provides the highest transmit power of any reader when operating from Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) power yet offers seamless switching between DC power and PoE power. This removes the need to decide about power source in order to obtain optimal reader performance. Just pick the most cost effective source for your application.


  • Industry standards I/O and firmware personality.
  • Automatic inventory optimization.
  • Plug and play with the ALR-9900+, the ALR-9650, and the ALR-9680.
  • Load code and applications directly on the reader.
  • High read rates for demanding applications.
  • Easy RFID software integration.
  • Antenna reflection cancellation optimization.


Due to country specific regulations, power supplies must be obtained locally for Argentina, Japan, and South Korea.

Recommended Accessories

The following optional and replacement accessories are available for the Alien F800 RFID Reader. Contact us today for more detailed information about these accessories.

  • I/O Mating Connector
  • AC to DC Power Supply with Cord - US Version
  • AC to DC Power Supply with Cord - EMEA Version
  • PoE Injector Power Supply with Cord Pack - US Version
  • PoE Injector Power Supply with Cord Pace - EMEA Version
  • USB Cable  (Type B to A)
  • microSD 32GB Card

Recommended Professional Services

At atlasRFIDstore, we offer a full range of professional services to ensure that your RFID hardware runs at it's optimal capacity. Designed specifically for RFID readers, the following professional services will reduce the amount of time it takes to get your Alien F800 RFID Reader ready for use. 

Note: All professional services offered by atlasRFIDstore are non-refundable once the service is complete. Contact Us today for more information.


Product Details

Air Interface Protocol:
EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
Operating Frequency:
UHF (860-960 MHz), region dependent
Transmit Power:
31.5 dBm
Max Receive Sensitivity:
Not Published
Max Read Distance:
Not Published
Max Read Rate:
Not Published
Data Interface:
LAN, RS-232, USB Host, USB Console
4 inputs, 8 outputs (1500mA capacity) - If kit is selected above
Power Source:
PoE or AC-DC 100-240 VAC Adapter
Antenna Ports:
4 RP-TNC female Monostatic ports (connects to RP-TNC male)
190.5 x 200.66 x 27.94 mm (7.5 x 7.9 x 1.1 in)
0.85 kg (1.88 lbs)
IP Rating:
IP 53
Operating Temperature:
-20° to +50°C (-4° to +122°F)
Host API:
.NET, Java, Ruby APIs
Demo Software:
Alien Gateway